When You Say Twitter Festival, It’s Just Not Very Sexy

Credit: Kevin Lee

So sue me if I take issue with mash up words like Twestival or Tweples, I’m just a stuck up word elitist. But I’m glad we could put aside those differences and just come together in a grand Twitter Meet Up (Tweetup to the uninitiated.), have beers, food, performances and conversations, all in the name of charity.

From what I hear, Singapore managed to raise US$6112, excluding the sponsorship dollars, so Yay! Go us! Read more of the official report here.

So yes, it was for a good cause.. it doesn’t really matter how skeptical you are about these charity events or questioning the intent for sponsors to get on board.. I can be rather cynical. But this time round, we’ll just put aside such petty trivialities and come together, whether for social or for good.

The only thing I wished was done better, was a better set up for the artists that performed. It was difficult to hear what they were singing about, and in the end, it became a competition between punters and performers on who could be louder. Basically we were ignoring them, and I felt it more because I knew Deborah and Thomas who performed. Hell, I even recommended the gig to them.. and trust me, that was a rough gig to play.

The venue just wasn’t right for live music, and I think we could have done without it and just had music playing through the speakers. Would’ve sufficed just as well.

But hey, for something organised from the ground up, and spread through blogs and twitter, the turn out was pretty impressive. Maybe if they want live bands next year, we could have it in more conducive places like Home Club or the Prince Of Wales.