You’ll Love The Things He Finds


Giving a shoutout to my boy, jbarks, one of the snappiest designers I know who appreciates the clean, simple and minimal layout. He’s launched Common, that is in his own words, “an online repository of things i find”.

It’s got a beautiful layout, with nice big pictures and snappy words. Everything the communications geek in me loves.

Chekkit ->->-> Here. <-<-<- And subscribe!


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy™

Credit: MOJOKO

Now this looks interesting, an exhibition featuring 42 Singapore artists inspired by the works of Douglas Adams’ seminal work. I’m a big fan, so expect me to be down. Organised by MOJOKO aka Steve Lawler. His work looks pretty fab too!

When: From 15 April 2010 To 21 April 2010
Where: 02-02 BloodGroup+ Space, 32 Aliwal Street, Singapore
Facebook event here.


Words, Tackles And Misdirections

MisdirectionWell, if you’ve stepped back in here after an absence (much like I have), you’ll notice that the blog looks different. In fact, it looks exactly like my personal blog, harmless? bananas!

Here’s the thinking behind it:
I’m not a design guru in any sort of way, and I couldn’t seem to find a theme that fitted the personality behind the content. I found the R755 Lite theme quite perfect for what I wanted to achieve on the personal blog, in terms of layout, minimalism, navigation and content management and decided that I would apply those same ethos’ to this blog.

I think it works. I feel more at ease posting content knowing how it’s going to end up, and controlling a small bunch of things that I have the capacity to.

This also means there will be a downsizing of what I originally wanted to achieve with a blogzine, with beautiful and seamless content management, perfect design that really gave an air of taking a publishing craft seriously. Alas, not today my friends. I just do not have the means and capacity to fulfill those roles today.

So one thing at a time, let me offer you daily content that makes sense first, and maybe one day, it will grow into the platform I envisioned it to be. In the meantime, do stick around if you like what I deliver on a daily basis, thing’s that could make your day just a tad better.