Esplanade Presents “Understanding Singapore Cinema”

Lido circa 1970s

Film aficionados should be in for a treat when the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio presents “Understanding Singapore Cinema”. Featuring film curator and director of the Asian Film Archive, Tan Bee Thiam, he will explore how Singapore’s film industry has developed, and what relevance it has to our young culture.

It promises to be an interesting session, because of the voracious appetite Singaporeans have when it comes to mainstream cinema, and we are trying to develop and export our own homegrown cultural products. The friction and dichotomy of the issues at hand are bound to make for interesting discussions.

Tickets go for $15, and is happening on 19 June 2010, SAT, 2PM at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio.

Buy your tickets from the Esplanade website.


Tiong Bahru, A Place For Civic Life

Seng Poh Walk

UK Filmmakers Joe Lowler and Christine Molloy are the duo behind the concept of Civic Life, a series of short films involving communities. What’s unique about their filmmaking process is the involvement and improvisation they get from the general public. For now, their possible shooting dates are 26th and 27th June 2010

Their previous two films, Moore Street and Leisure Centre were both set in Dublin, and Singapore’s Tiong Bahru neighbourhood has the distinction of being the latest community to be featured as part of the series.

They’ve got a blog at that houses all the information so that you can be involved in this one of a kind creative experience. I’m rather excited, I love the Tiong Bahru area, where it seems to portray so many different microcosms of life in Singapore. Food, nightlife, old and new all rolled into one.

Here’s some test footage of the famous Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre


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