Adult Sized McDonald’s Playground In Sydney, Australia

Adult-sized Playland
“That’s the last time we agree to the architect’s designs after a bender!”

So DDB Sydney has created a massive outdoor experiential campaign for the one and only, evil empire of processed fast food, Micky D’s. Yeah, I like calling Micky D’s an evil empire, or their food is poison, but y’know what? I’m not free from vice in my life so hey.. not being hypocritical here.

Anyway, they did it. Did what? They built a playground in the middle of the city. What’s so crazy about that? They created an adult-sized playground, so that grown men and women (like you and me), could let their hair down and go crazy on giant slides, ball pits and rodeo ridey things.

I must say, that after first watching the video below, it was rather heartwarming, simply because you see business rats showing some child-like emotion. I liked the copy too. “We did something only Maccas could do.” Firm, but not brazen, confident and cheeky all at once.

However, on second watch, the magic was lost on me. For starters, the people captured on tape looked rather fake, especially the guy with the balding front, glasses and striped tie. He appears at the start, middle and end of the film. In fact, some of the shots needed the camera to be really close, and most regular folk don’t feel too comfortable in front of a camera. It was too heartwarming. And hence, the video worked for about two minutes before the magic wore off. Like most of the packaging we see today.

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How I Will DESTROY Flash Mobs

Halp! I lost a contact lens!

I think flash mobs started out as a nice crowd sourcing idea, and then the marketing people pegged it as a great way to get their messages on the latest viral bandwagon and then it spun out of control. I may not speak for everyone, but I ABHOR flash mobs.

I even blogged once, that if I saw another flash mob, I’d kill myself. Obviously, that was just my sardonic wit in action, but it got me thinking, how would I end this marketing travesty once and for all?

And then, maybe I’d do just that! Kill myself! Of course to be even more subversive, I propose what I call Flash Mob Busting. Here’s what we do, every time you know there’s a commercial flash mob going on:

1. We organise our own flash mob

2. Prepare packets of fake blood

3. Participate in said commercial flash mob

4. When the cue comes, a bunch of us will start convulsing on the floor and splooge ourselves with fake blood instead of standing still / dancing / engaging in pillow fights

5. And basically save the day

Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

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Social Media, Why Does It Feel Like You’re Stifling Me?


There’s something missing in my web interactions of late. Of course, this is purely an opinion, full of bias perhaps and totally written off the bat. And that’s exactly what’s been missing, the snap judgment that comes from intuition and confidence in your experience, as opposed to over thinking and trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle.

So here’s my attempt at presenting my grievances in the social space.

1. So, you’re a social media guru?
Seriously? Because if you are, just stop it. It makes me feel ill that you’re killing the Internet with some half-baked opinions about the conversation, Internet penetration and sharing every scrap of “techno-social-jargon” that makes no sense to anyone out of your echo chamber, or being absolutely unable to have a decent conversation in real life.

2. Brands are talking to us now? Seriously?
This really gets my goat, brands talking to use. Seriously? How is having such a conversation suppose to better my life? I was doing fine waaaaaaaaay before any of you showed up. I went to whatever shop I needed, believed whatever advertising or reviews I needed and now.. I’m supposed to have a relationship with a brand? Seriously, that is just about the saddest kind of existence to have. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, introduce yourself like a proper person, and we just MIGHT be able to be friends.

3. WOW! Look at this! It’ so interesting!
Fine, I might be guilty of sending too many links out, but I also absolutely hate it when I see a hyped up link that sends you to an article that has absolutely nothing to do with the sign of the times. For example, how many more times can you read “10 Ways Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Business”? My bottom line is, there are some great online folk who take pride in the links they send and genuinely want to make the Internet a better place, and a lot more hacks who are lazy in sharing their knowledge.

4. If I see another flash mob, I will KILL myself.

5. Digital’s a better way of doing things.
It’s a more efficient way, and lowering the barrier to entry to participate is a great competition equaliser. But you have to admit, there’s a lot of junk and hacks that abuse their new found publishing powers. Digital has also made it easier for lifeless, soulless copies to walk amongst the land of the living. But I’ll let this go as a necessary evil.