Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2

Snap: Big budget sequel to the first movie adaptation of Marvel Studio’s Iron Man that promises to be bigger, better and babe-ier (if that’s even a word.) Unfortunately, as wonderful as the characters are, and the action wasn’t exactly shit, it just seems like a convoluted excuse to set up the much rumoured “Avengers” story where S.H.I.E.L.D brings a group of superheroes to battle the forces of evil. Apart from seeing some Avengers related paraphernalia, the story doesn’t seem to mind speeding along, leaving little room for character development. Which to me, is essential for the audience to identify with the struggles presented in a film. Ultimately, the tin man had no heart. [2.5/5]

Love: A quote by Whiplash (Micky Rourke): “Trust me. Drones better.” I think this is the best quote in the movie, delivered in a gutteral Russian accent. You can be sure this will be my reply to whenever someone expresses doubt over any of my abilities. Anyway, Iron Man armour is cool. There is a reason why we’re drawn to a live action version, and that’s because as Howard Stark said, “Anything is possible with technology.” and the Iron Man armour personifies that, hence.. it is supercool. Oh, War Machine makes an appearance too.

Hate: It was a decent story of Tony Starke exorcising some demons and getting over some Daddy issues, but it’s nothing to rave about. There were no real plot twists, or even a mature one to begin with. The introduction of S.H.I.E.L.D was a tad unnecessary although it added a Deus Ex Machina to the already shambling plot. But hey, Iron Man gets his level up and gets to play with the triforce! Oh, War Machine makes an appearance too.


Ip Man 2 Review

Ip Man 2
“Flashdance 3, Starring Donnie Yen and a wooden block.”

Snap: A nationalistic kung fu brawler that follows the life of Ip Man after he escapes the Japanese Occupation in China and escapes to Hong Kong. Ip Man is best known for spreading the popularity of the Chinese martial art, Wing Chun to the modern world and being Bruce Lee’s teacher. The movie while mindblowingly manly is ridiculous at times, and seems to mirror Rocky 4, Asian stylez yo! (Apollo dying, beating the arrogant foreigner.. etc.) [3.5/5]

Love: I think Donnie Yen makes a great Ip Man! Even though I have no reference, he is cool in the Chinese sort of way. Calm, collected, smokes, honourable. The fight choreography was also excellent, pacing between closeups and wide shots to poetic effect. There are many memorable moments, especially at the end where Ip Man tackles his final opponent, juxtaposed against a scene earlier in the movie. Such tried and tested editing methods propel the story forward.

Hate: Some characters serve little purpose to the story, that stopped this from reaching the realm of 4 points, that I award for great movies that are all encompassing. Also, the ending, is absolutely stupid. Minus more points!


Kick Ass Review

they might as well have called this move: hit girl

Snap: Kick Ass is a fun movie with lots of glorified, over the top violence, stylish and still has moments of pause to make you question what sets good apart from evil. I’m actually sure there are lots of profound references in the movie, but it sped along rather quickly which didn’t give me time to digest the film properly. Second viewings on DVD anyone? [3.5/5]

Love: Hit Girl pretty much stole the show, mainly because she was an iconic character and Chloe Moretz’s stellar portrayal. The action scenes are a lot of fun, stylish, well choreographed and set to a rockin’ soundtrack. Witty banter between father, daughter and bumbling henchmen also add to the film’s humour.

Hate: The characters of Kick-Ass and Red Mist are somewhat forgettable, considering one’s the protagonist and what the movie’s named after, and the other some sort of demi-arch villain, it’s a shame as I think stronger writing, acting or even casting could propel the film into greatness. But something was holding it back to just being “good”.