Save A Music Blog, Save The Pop Cop!

The Pop Cop

Some of you may know that I contribute to a music blog, Waking Up To, and on top of that, we make monthly contributions to the Music Alliance Pact, a collective of 35 different blogs from 35 different countries that features their own local talent to an international readership. Now, this great initiative would not have been possible if not by the blog that started and curates this ongoing series, The Pop Cop.

At this moment, Jason from the Pop Cop has had his blog shut down by Google without prior warning that they were pulling the plug. It’s always a risk we music blogs face whenever we put up music. To our defence, our intentions are never about piracy, just sharing what we enjoy. Joy is best when shared isn’t it? Usually, only one track from an album goes up, and if some tight-arsed label executive insists that we take a track down, we usually comply. We provide links on how readers can purchase the artist’s music.. an c’mon, you’re talking about die hard fans of music, we spend way too much time listening to it.. great move not recognising a good thing when you see it.

Anyway, it happens that Jason’s blog got pulled the plug because the blog violated Google’s Terms of Service, because some of his posts were constantly being flagged by the system even after he complied. This is ridiculous because it’s a stupid issue of “Computer says no.” I like Google products, but this is silly because the system messed up, and took down a perfectly legit blog that complied to the terms of service. You can read about it at the Music Alliance Pact blog.

For me, this is a fight worth fighting. Independent music blogs have always been a great source of recommendations to alternative music to the mainstream music machine. It betters lives by revealing layers within layers into the many subcultures of music. It supports local talent when no one else would. We are doing a good thing, and by George, we’ll fight if have to. Because you can’t tell us what we can or cannot listen to!

Write to Google – – and demand that The Pop Cop blog gets reinstated so Jason can at least get three years of his life back and move the content elsewhere. We don’t want to take away The Pop Cop’s contribution to the wonderful community of music lovers, and the good things he’s done for fans and artists alike!