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Revise: Singapore, I live in a great city.

This post was originally written on 23 Jan 2009 at the wordpress hosted singularity industries.

i have a strange relationship with my country, Singapore. On one hand, i’m disheartened by the stories i read on STOMP, and on the other, there really is no place like this.

And then you read magazines like Monocle, who’ve created a one page city guide of how awesome Singapore is as a business city.

And yet, you read all the things that are wrong about Singapore, the control, the low pays, the way we just accept what our governments do and how apathetic we are that we cannot change anything.

Actually, there is as much discontent as there are about things that make Singapore a great city to live in. But I’m going to turn this one on it’s head by saying that we should change ourselves first as individuals rather than wait for circumstances.

Singapore should not be a great place because it’s got Sentosa, and upcoming integrated resort, a Singapore Flyer, and Esplanade, a small but thriving music scene, AWESOME food, nooks and crannies like Haji Lane, or the list that Monocle provided us.

It shouldn’t be a bad place because of the powers that be, the ERP we have to pay, the high cost of living, the strange employment regulations, or even the grueling and unforgiving education system we go through.

I think the intrinsic happiness and contentment comes from within ourselves. Regardless of social status, or academia, or material possessions, i think Singapore would be a great city if we were just genuinely nicer to each other. both locals and foreigners. if we had more community spirit and didn’t just look out for our own interests.


do you see what i’m driving at? money doesn’t buy happiness.. there are people who live in Nepal who lead simple lives, but yet.. they’re there for each other, they have REAL friendships and despite physical hardship.. they have something I envy.. a genuine smile from a stranger.. something that makes it seem that we aren’t alone in this world.

I hope as Singaporeans, we can be there for each other, we can be there for the rest of the world.. that Singapore as nation can smile to her children, and to the children in other parts of the world. And then not just this country, but this world won’t be such a lonely and unforgiving place.

We’re the same, can’t you see?

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Social Media, Why Does It Feel Like You’re Stifling Me?


There’s something missing in my web interactions of late. Of course, this is purely an opinion, full of bias perhaps and totally written off the bat. And that’s exactly what’s been missing, the snap judgment that comes from intuition and confidence in your experience, as opposed to over thinking and trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle.

So here’s my attempt at presenting my grievances in the social space.

1. So, you’re a social media guru?
Seriously? Because if you are, just stop it. It makes me feel ill that you’re killing the Internet with some half-baked opinions about the conversation, Internet penetration and sharing every scrap of “techno-social-jargon” that makes no sense to anyone out of your echo chamber, or being absolutely unable to have a decent conversation in real life.

2. Brands are talking to us now? Seriously?
This really gets my goat, brands talking to use. Seriously? How is having such a conversation suppose to better my life? I was doing fine waaaaaaaaay before any of you showed up. I went to whatever shop I needed, believed whatever advertising or reviews I needed and now.. I’m supposed to have a relationship with a brand? Seriously, that is just about the saddest kind of existence to have. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, introduce yourself like a proper person, and we just MIGHT be able to be friends.

3. WOW! Look at this! It’ so interesting!
Fine, I might be guilty of sending too many links out, but I also absolutely hate it when I see a hyped up link that sends you to an article that has absolutely nothing to do with the sign of the times. For example, how many more times can you read “10 Ways Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Business”? My bottom line is, there are some great online folk who take pride in the links they send and genuinely want to make the Internet a better place, and a lot more hacks who are lazy in sharing their knowledge.

4. If I see another flash mob, I will KILL myself.

5. Digital’s a better way of doing things.
It’s a more efficient way, and lowering the barrier to entry to participate is a great competition equaliser. But you have to admit, there’s a lot of junk and hacks that abuse their new found publishing powers. Digital has also made it easier for lifeless, soulless copies to walk amongst the land of the living. But I’ll let this go as a necessary evil.