The Fire Fight Say So Long, For Now.

So Long For Now, 13 June 2010
credit: photoperplexed

Singaporean rockers, The Fire Fight, are taking a hiatus from the Singaporean music scene as various band members pursue other aspects of their personal life. Frontman Joshua Tan will be furthering his studies overseas and drummer Iain Tham will also be focused on pilot training in the future as well.

Just last Sunday, at the new Scape Warehouse, The Fire Fight played their last swansong before parting ways and new adventures. But let one thing be clear, this is only slong, for now, as they have promised to be back together and continue making music in the future.

This gig set out to be different from the usual intense blazes of live performances that the band are known for, and instead opted for the glowing embers of a Storytellers-isque stage setup that had each band member facing each other, perhaps symbolic of the brotherhood that they shared, that this was for them as much as it was for the fans.

However, the stage was not without problems. For some reason, the sound mix was terribly muddy and unbalanced, not allowing the vocals to be heard properly. This made appreciating the intimate vision that The Fire Fight tried to achieve, a rather arduous process for a gig goer. As such, it was probably pure sentiment that saved this show from being a complete washout.

As that may be, sentiment is probably one of the strongest arsenals in the Fire Fight’s musical talents. They’re fighters, and rather uncompromising in terms of what they want to achieve, and to do it on their own terms. By the time their first musical guest, Angel, appeared on stage to sing People & Spaces with them, that’s when the magic happened. Perhaps that’s when the band as a whole fully embraced the vision they were trying to achieve. When they didn’t need to to try to impress their vision on the audience any longer, but they were now sharing the stage with one of their friends and long time partners, transforming their vision into reality by just surrendering to the greater powers and appreciating that this was exactly what they wanted for themselves.

So Long For Now, 13 June 2010

And so the night continued with a few more musical guests ranging from their manager, Esmond Wee who shared a duet with Joshua on a Jimmy Eat World number, and Saiyful from The Great Spy Experiment. But the highlight of the night probably went to Sonnet, performed by Joshua and Matthew of Hardcore band, A Vacant Affair, sharing a particularly touching and insightful story about the song, just made it mean that much more. And when you put two of the most emotive and prolific of Singapore’s lyricists together, well.. it was special.

The last collaboration of the night went to Kevin Mathews, who was a judge at the band’s Baybeats 2007 audition, and shared the song they auditioned with, Train Song. In true Kevin Mathews fashion, the acoustica rearrangement really worked for this particular interpretation of the generally upbeat song, and it was heartening to see two generations of Singaporean rockers sharing that stage.

And ultimately, that’s the gift that was shared that night by The Fire Fight. Regardless of who you were before, or what you will become, the band celebrated it all. It was a touching swansong and reunion, one that only a band like The Fire Fight could pull off because of the many friends they’ve made over their five year career. ir gig started with a fear of what the unknown held for everyone, but the night ended with everyone knowing, come what may, it would be together as a family.

The Fire Fight are performing one FINAL show, opening for American indie-rockers, Mae, who are performing at S*cape’s new building’s opening launch, this Sunday, 20 June, 2010. details at S*cape.

For more details about The Fire Fight, do check out their Myspace

Photos were kindly supplied by Thomas, who is a stunning photographer and usually seen at gigs taking photos. His flickr page is photoperplexed.


First OBEY Art Installation In Singapore


From now till March’10, Singaporeans will have the opportunity to appreciate Shepard Fairey’s work along the walls of *SCAPE Youth Park as part of VisOut, a programme that profiles street art as an active, thought provoking form. Fairey is best known for his work with Obey Giant and the iconic “Yes We Can” picture featuring US President, Barack Obama.

At about 8pm last night, members from Obey South East Asia began plastering the walls found next to *SCAPE Studios with prints of Fairey that featured the common theme of “Peace”.

Do head on down if you happen to be in town, if anything for the inspiration.