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Where All This Technology Is Headed


I once asked a friend where the future of video games was, and he said “Simple. Virtual Reality.”

Needless to say, I was impressed by this notion. A seamless reality where one could experience all manner of things while also breaking the confines of one’s physical shell. If anything, the secrets of the mind and imagination can at least materialise in one’s personal space.

And that’s where I also saw it as the ultimate narcotic. When the virtual becomes more tangible than reality, huge societal problems ensue as more and more people escape. Now this is a rather nihilistic way of looking at the future (albeit artistically attractive), and we don’t have a crystal ball into the future. But we can speculate and predict, in fact that’s all we can do, keep holding on for tomorrow and not give up.

This is just one of the myriad possibilities that could play out. I don’t know why I keep thinking of the future, why it’s always fascinated me. But I do know that what we do today, impacts our world tomorrow. I’m not just talking about the environment, I’m talking about what kind of society we will live in and our children will be born into, what kind of education system we will have, what will be the contributing factors to a multi or mono culture, who will be the people in power, whether the masses will be exploited.. etc.

I started this blog to chronicle and bring to my own attention (and hopefully yours), the things in today’s world that I think will contribute positively to our future. It’s also an excuse for highlighting what I think is cool in this day and age. It probably won’t change the world, but I want to contribute toward social good, that we can make a difference. Maybe that’s why I’m still publishing. I’m responding to the constant stimulus around us, just to remind myself what it means to be truly alive.