Give Your Apple Babies Some Bamboo Love


Give Your Apple Babies Some Bamboo Love via Yanko Design These are some incredibly exquisite, hand-crafted wooden fixtures to house your Apple devices by Maderacraft. Now to compliment it with the rest of your abode. A look at this collection and you can completely understand why wood and Apple Devices compliment each other.

5 Ideas for the Apple Watch

Apple announced their first wearable device, the Apple Watch. It’s supposed to integrate with iOS 8 and your iPhones and has NFC and mobile payment wallets included. Here’s where I think some of the magic might be, in defiance to some of the underwhelmed responses so far. 1. Fist bump and trade contacts I’m pretty…

Mobile payments was the main star at Apple’s Event

Tech media is ablaze with news about Apple’s new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Screen sizes and other wanky tech specs aside, the Apple Wallet (to be released with iOS 8 in October), Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled devices and Touch ID fingerprint scanning for security are why the mobile payments industry is poised for…