Cool memories from the Marry Me Tonight vinyl liner notes

I remember Sean dragging me out into the kitchen at Birdland and playing me on his unplugged Fender Jazz, the bassline to what became ‘Panties’, grinning impishly like he’d just written the most ridiculous, dumb, perverse thing ever.

HTRK is easily becoming one of my favourite bands from the 2000-era of music. It took quite awhile for them to grow on me, but I think that’s perfectly natural, as their music’s not meant to be rushed, and it does require a particular state of mind to let the music and atmosphere sink in.

If I had to explain it, I’d say it’s like “falling in love with an artificial construct.”

The re-release of HTRK’s ‘Marry Me Tonight’ is 28 April 2015 on Ghostly International. It will be released in LP format.