Small Data: Why Tinder-like apps are the way of the future via Janel Torkington

Two words: anticipatory computing.

That your device can predict what you want to do better than you can might seem like futuristic fantasy, but Foursquare already does this.

This is true. Swiping on cards is a great way to make a yes/no decision NOW.

Now, imagine if each card was packed with data that would advise your learning algorithm on why the card was swiped yes or no, especially when based on the user’s previous data. This future does not seem too far away.

Ironic that computers become smarter as humans distill their behaviours to simple binaries.


First implementation of Material Design: Feedly

We wrote these principles on the board and started prototyping. The goal was not necessarily to implement each principle but rather to get inspired by them.

I’m a big fan of Feedly, though I don’t think too much about their design, simply because RSS readers are function over form for me. Still, it was really interesting to read about some of the new design considerations and implementations undertaken by the team, and based on the side-by-side comparisons, I can agree to some of the new UI/UX implementations.